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How Much Does a Web Site Cost?

In business, there is rarely a time when we can afford not to know exactly how much a thing costs or what it’s worth. When it comes to pricing web sites, there are so many variables that getting to the bottom line can get really complicated.

Knowing What You Want
Asking a Web Developer how much a web site costs is like asking a Travel Agent how much a vacation costs. In order to give you an accurate number, they'll need to know all of the things you want. That’s where a Site Planning Worksheet comes in. This document outlines the needs and expectations of your company (and your customers) with a series of direct questions and becomes a kind of blueprint for the creative team to follow. You can also send it to prospective Web Developers to help them formulate detailed, accurate proposals for your project.

Knowing What You Pay For
These days, quotes for web development run the gamut between ‘free’ and numbers so large you would think you were buying the company instead of hiring them. While you may not understand all of the technical aspects of coding a web site, you should request itemized proposals for comparison. Careful review of competing proposals can clear up some confusion and make it easier to identify the best value.

Putting A Price On Creativity
One of the biggest challenges in determining the cost of your web project is quantifying the creative process. How much should an idea cost? While working with designers can be a very exciting and productive experience, not knowing the costs of such collaboration can be disastrous. If you are outsourcing your project, find out how you’re being billed for creative up front. With careful planning and good communication you can stay on budget, avoid misunderstandings and still get the most from your design team.

The Cost Of Ownership
Another factor to be included in the grand total for your web site is the cost of running it. Remember that the web is a dynamic environment and your site is just one static point within it. To be dynamic, your site must continue to grow and evolve with your business. Whether you manage the site in-house or work with a vendor, additional time and resources must be budgeted each year to provide hosting, maintenance and updates.

In short, there is no standard price per pound for developing a web site. But with a little effort and research, you can come up with the right price for your project. And if you need a little help, you can always give us a call.

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